FedEx FedEx

Around the World in 60 seconds:

FedEx is everywhere.

Orbis FedEx

Eliminating avoidable blindness in the developing world is what Orbis set out to do. Blind patients walk onto the flying eye hospital to have surgery. Within a day, their life will change.

All About Audience Engagement

Is it possible to measure your success online?

Absolutely, ask

Let's Bring Back

Chronicle Books

Let’s Bring Back. Based on her popular Huffington Post column, Lesley M.M. Blume’s book celebrates

forgotten-yet-delightful objects, curiosities, pastimes, fashions, words and personalities from bygone eras.

Teatro dei Burattini di Como

Dario and Paola Tognocchi are responsible for entertaining children and beyond for decades in their Puppet Theater.

Poilâne FedEx

The legendary Parisian artisan bakers ship tons of their famous bread, the miche Poilane, all over the world and FedEx is their bread messenger, bringing it to faraway tables, fast!

James Baldwin  Café.com

Common talks about his hero, who inspired his album

“Like Water For Chocolate.”

Pearls of Abu Dhabi  LuLu

The history of pearl diving in the Arabian Gulf, the invention of cultured pearls in Japan and its effect on the Abu Dhabi pearlers, then and now.

Let's Bring Back: The Cocktail Edition  Chronicle Books

The 2nd installment of Lesley M.M. Blume’s encyclopedia of nostalgia, this time a compendium of impish, romantic, amusing, and occasionally appalling potations from bygone eras.

Stable to Stardom  MSNBC

Documentary following a year in Thoroughbred Racing leading up to the Triple Crown races, dominated by Funny Cide, the little New York horse who beat the odds and the big Kentucky stars.

Madame C.J. Walker  Café.com & News Café

Queen Latifah introduces the story of a formidable woman: America’s first self-made woman millionaire.



Aamir Beading  FedEx

Aamir Beading & Embroideries is shipping their product to many of the great fashion houses around the globe.  Watch how this family owned business is sending their handiwork all over the world.

The World is A Stage  Daniela Kamillotis

A peak into an artist’s extraordinary creations for stage, and into the whimsical world which defines her.

Let's Bring Back: Lost Language Edition  Chronicle Books

The 3rd installment of Lesley M.M. Blume’s encyclopedia of nostalgia, this time a collection of forgotten words, phrases, praises, insults, idioms, and literary flourishes from eras past.

Membership  4A's

A cheeky way to describe the 4 A’s membership advantages through a spoof on a pharma ad.


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