Dora Militaru is the main cat; an accomplished and versatile producer/director with 30 years of experience, who has created a wide variety of programming formats for broadcast tv and web. Her work has appeared on almost every major tv network and spans the editorial range from award-winning documentaries to lifestyle reports and from comedy to human interest stories.
For her corporate clients, Dora has been responsible for invigorating their websites and social media presence with mini documentaries featuring their people, their culture, animated messages or whimsical reports. A NYU film school graduate and Romanian by birth, Dora is a citizen of the world, speaking fluently French, Italian, English and Romanian.

Robert Fredette is one of the main cats in the Alley, specializing in video editing, graphic design, audio mixing, @Pancakes_and_Landscape, and fantasy football, two-time league champion.
Rob is versatile on any system: Avid, Premiere and After Effects. His style is whimsical and fresh, going from compelling to cheeky, perfect for all clients from FedEx to The Daily Front Row and from TV broadcast long form to webisodes.
He is not overly verbose; he is all about catching that mouse.
Robert also received a Silver Telly Award for his work on the documentary “Regina Resnik New York Original”.

Derek Wiesehahn is our main cinematography cat.
A New York based DP with over 25 years of experience in film and television. Projects include the Academy Award winning documentary short film “Music by Prudence” and the Sundance Best Documentary winner, Restrepo. Derek has shot over 100 music videos as well as numerous commercials and promos for such clients as HBO, Showtime, McDonalds, Adidas, FedEx, Napa, Columbia Records, MTV, and Nickelodeon.
His work has also won five New York Festival Awards as well as BDA, Addy and Headliner awards. Narrative credits also include several feature films and shorts which have been well received at Sundance, the Tribeca Film Festival and the New York Film Festival.

Mark Carter studied government and economics at Harvard but really preferred ancient archeology,
He ended up first in business, at Mc Kinsey & Company, then as a journalist, reporting from 30+ countries. Eventually Mark landed at CNN.
After a Nieman Fellowship studying at Harvard Business School, he became the first chief strategist for CNN, and the right-hand consigliere to the CEO. Later Mark held a similar job for the founder of Hearst’s brand. Two decades ago Mark was asked to do independent production work, taking The Economist,  and later The Atlantic to television. These days he’s the CMO’s best friend; focusing on quality brands with a strong stakeholder orientation. He also runs a diversity non-profit and is on the Council on Foreign Relations. A bi-lingual cat, he speaks Italian and French.

A recent addition to the Alley, Steve Cieslik spent over 20 years as an indoor (corporate) cat. As luck would have it, someone left the door open, and he decided to pounce on the opportunity to sharpen his claws. While working for Fortune 500 companies, Steve became an accomplished manager leading teams in communications strategy, messaging, and video production. He’s a skilled copywriter who specializes in executive messaging and employee communications. He’s excited to bring his experience to the Alley to help our clients solve problems by building stronger connections with their employees and contractors. He speaks English and Pittsburghese.